Pix-Cell™, the “-Cell” explained…

Illumination should enhance the safety and the beauty of our Environment.

The good

LED devices are great, and at the present – availability appears to be sufficient in supporting the current and future demands.

The bad

The LED billboards, and many other devices using “direct-light” illumination – are not really pleasant to look at, and may even present a health hazard due to the “nature” of the light source, with each individual LED pixel sending the “light” (wave) and the “power” (discrete) directly toward the observer standing in-front.

… and the awesome!

PixCell will provide an alternative – intelligent LED solution improving the beauty of illuminated billboards, concert stages, etc. , and by using IP ParallelViewillumination technology – eliminating “blinding” spots and safety concerns associated with standing in-front and looking directly into the source of light (LED in this case!)

Consider: PixCell technology providing dynamic illumination of a concert stage. The real-time controls of the illumination can be linked to the music performed. As an example, the tone of the music can be reflected in the illumination colors and/or the illumination patterns, while the sound intensity can be represented by the illumination intensity of a specific color(s).  The ParallelView™ illumination principal employed in each of the PixCell will not cause any “blinding effects”, regardless of its relative position to the stage, including the concert performers on the stage and the spectators “focused” toward the stage, and will remain truly pleasant to all eyes at all time.

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