November 8, 2013 – ADVS-technologies Files Patent-pending application No. US 61,902,124: “Apparatus Intelligent Parallel View LED Light, Methods of Configuration and Controls”

Apparatus intelligent parallel view LED light comprising: controller, sensors, LED’s, interfaces, enclosure. Sensors comprising: ambient light, proximity, temperature, voltage, current. Operator and remote controller interfaces include: wireless, INTERNET. LED’s configurations include: single color, multicolor, flexible PCB. Enclosure configurations include: water-proof, recess and surface mounting. Control configurations include: setting sensor trigger points; defining real-time control algorithm based on sensor status; time based controls; operating limits; acceptance criteria. Operating limits include: illumination intensity; energy consumption; internal temperature. Control algorithm includes real-time diagnostics and controls to achieve criteria set by configuration. Apparatus configuration stored in non-volatile memory. Enclosure configurations include: light retaining and reflection; hidden magnets for latch-in mounting. Discrete LED’s not visible by observer, produce illumination parallel to the viewing surface. Apparatus powered by low AC/DC, compatible with plug and power distribution. Apparatus in compliance with local and national regulations. Applications: residential ceilings, walls, floors; furniture; appliances; lamps; aquariums; billboards; backlighting art.

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