October 22, 2013 – ADVS-technologies Files Patent-pending application No. US 61,894,130: “Apparatus Intelligent LED Illuminated Sign, Methods of Configuration and Controls”

Apparatus Intelligent LED Illuminated Sign, Methods of Configuration and Controls

 Apparatus intelligent LED illuminated sign comprising: controller, sensors, illumination devices, interfaces. Sensors comprising: ambient light, proximity, voice, temperature, voltage, current. Configuration methods include: operator interfaces, remote controller wireless interface. Operator interfaces include: interrupting ambient light and triggering light sensor status; triggering status of proximity sensor; voice commands; wireless remote. Remote controller interfaces include: LAN, INTERNET. Controller uses predefined sensor triggering sequences by operator, such as: duration, frequency, combination of both, allowing operator setting new configuration. Remote controller uses predefined protocol setting new configuration. New configuration includes: sensors operating limits; time based controls; and control algorithm. Configuration and controls are stored in non-volatile memory. Operating limits include: power applied to illumination devices; energy consumption by apparatus. Control algorithm includes real-time self-diagnostics and controls to achieve criteria set by configuration. Apparatus configurable in compliance to local and national regulations for applications as intelligent illuminated: street address sign, street name sign; building sign.

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