November 14, 2013 – ADVS-technologies Submits Proposal to California Energy Commission

Download the complete PDF version of the Proposal – ADVS-technologies-RFI-CA-Energy-Commission


Per “RFI_Green_Building” document issued by the California Energy Commission, ADVS-technologies has submitted a Proposal in respect to RFI areas of interest listed below:

 ·        Innovative Energy Technologies and Systems. (RFI reference ID “IOc1”)

 ·        LED Lighting Upgrades, (RFI reference ID “EAc1”)

Below is a brief summary of the Proposal.

 The California Energy Commission Building while having a beautiful architectural design, is clearly behind many of the modern and cutting edge technologies that can make it the beacon of the green initiative. Lighting, power distribution, monitoring and control are some of the critical areas where my designs can bring not only vastly improved efficiency, reliability, and ease of installation, but enhanced safety and aesthetics as well.

What truly sets ADVS-technologies apart from the competition, is the fact that the  proposal is based on engineering knowledge, documented under patented and patent-pending applications, and on-going engineering designs in progress. It is an open-minded, comprehensive engineering approach to solving one of the most critical issues facing our society today and reaching the target objectives, without being under pressure from selling existing inventory of products, and without the necessity to manage significant company overhead.

The combination of patent-pending ParallelView™ LED Intelligent Lighting (MagicLight™ series of products), which is installed using patented Plug-n-Power™ AC/DC Power Distribution and Control Systems, is a truly innovative approach, which will deliver the needed benefits, and more, as described in the proposal.

The criteria benefits of my proposal include:

 1)     Superior energy conservation.

Only high efficiency components are used, while overall number of energy conversion components is minimized.

2)     High efficiency and world class quality control during the initial installation and the follow-up maintenance.

Plug-n-Power™ components are factory made, fully tested, and delivered as a kit to the installation site, reducing significantly on-site labor costs, and supporting on-site verifiable quality control procedures.

 3)     Superior reliability and safety.

The intelligent system with self-diagnostics, maintains functionality within specifications, and is less dependent on the ambient environment, such as vibrations, temperature variations, partial or complete loss of electrical power.

4)     Environmentally friendly.

Full compliance to national and local regulations.

 The patented and patent-pending AC/DC Plug-n-Power™ distribution technologies with patent-pending ParallelView™ LED MagicLight™ series of products deliver a comprehensive solution.

It which will benefit the Energy Commission Building renovation efforts, as well as provide environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions to reduce energy usage to ordinary households.

For the first time, a pre-fabricated kit, containing AC/DC Plug-n-Power™ distribution components and Plug-n-Power™ LED MagicLight™ general lighting series of products, can be designed according to a layout of a residential or commercial building. Completely tested kit, with all components in compliance to NEC and local agency requirements, will be delivered directly to the installation site. From that point on, it will only take hours to install the kit.

The patented Plug-n-Power™ distribution technologies with patent-pending ParallelView™ LED MagicLight™ series of products, delivers the ultimate in both saving energy and beautifying the illumination applications using modern LED lighting devices.