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July 16, 2015: ADVS-Technologies New Patent Application is Published by USPTO

ADVS-Technologies Patent Pending Application No. US 14,590,981 “Apparatus Intelligent Parallel View Illumination Pix-Cell, Methods of Configuration and Controls” was published by the USPTO.

The Publication No. US-2015-0201479-A1  describes Pix-Cell™, a configurable ParallelView™ illumination device, creating new opportunities to beautify the display of existing or new art, by providing soft and user friendly illumination techniques.

The Pix-Cell™ can serve as a building block, replacing discrete LED’s, for creating super large scale displays and billboards, which are relatively easy to assemble and sustain using patented Plug-n-Power™ technology. Each Pix-Cell™ is configurable, including physical shape of the Pix-Cell™ and its relative position in respect to the illumination surface, and then each LED within the Pix-Cell™ is configurable, including: position of LED within the Pix-Cell™, illumination colors and controls.

The applications of the Pix-Cell™ technology includes dynamic illumination of a concert stage. The real-time controls of the illumination can be linked to the music performed. As an example, the tone of the music can be reflected in the colors and patterns, while the sound intensity represented by the illumination intensity. The ParallelView™ illumination principal employed in each of the Pix-Cell™, regardless of its relative position to the stage, including performers and spectators, will not cause any “blind effects”, and will remain pleasant to the eyes at all time.

Truly unique configurations for each Pix-Cell™ and a group of Pix-Cells™ can be created, and the specific configuration can be characterized in its “illumination behavior” vs. applied controls. Based on results of characterization, a control algorithm can be developed to achieve desired objectives, whether it is related to beautiful illumination of art, or a concert stage, or a real-time dynamic image streaming on a super large scale screen. The Pix-Cell™ provide support for 3-D illumination, with multi-layers of colors and illumination intensity, potentially creating an unparalleled light effects. In comparison, Pix-Cells™ vs. discrete LED pixels, will deliver a solution which is significantly lower in costs, substantially better in energy efficiency, and most importantly – safer to a human eyes at all times!


May 19, 2015: ADVS-Technologies Patent Application In Final Stages of Approvals by USPTO

ADVS-Technologies Patent Pending Application No. US 13,731,103 “Plug and Power Distribution and Control Apparatus” is in final stages of approvals by the USPTO.

The Plug-n-Power™ appratus providing highly efficient, safe, convenient and verifiable quality solutions of power distribution within residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The invention transforms existing labor-intense installations into Plug-n-Power™ modular systems, optimizing utilization of AC and DC power distribution components, in order to achieve the most cost-effective, safe and reliable operation of the system.

Example: for a residential housing development project consisting of several floor models, an AC-DC Plug-n-Power™ distribution kit configured for each model, will be delivered directly to the construction site of the respective model. The complete installation and testing of the Plug-n-Power™ AC and DC distribution systems for each model would take hours (not days), ensuring superior level of quality and reliability, outperforming existing methods in every aspect of business and technology!


February 10, 2015: ADVS-Technologies Receives New Patent from USPTO

ADVS-Technologies new Patent No. US 8,954,190 “Optimization of Pharmacy Operations using Automatic Distributed Vending System” describes a real-time control system aimed at improving quality of customer services at a pharmacy.

The system is configurable, providing cost effective automation solutions for all kinds and types of pharmacies. The system supports 24 hours unattended dispensing, as well as remote kiosk type dispensing of quality prescription medications to authorized customers. Within the system each container with medication is continuously monitored for compliance to specifications, including: medication ID, weight and size of the container, surrounding ambient environment, and location. Only quality medications if full compliance to specifications are dispensed to authorized customers with practically no waiting in line.

The invention is the only cost-efficient, scalable technology in the World, which delivers:

  • Guaranteed QUALITY of prescription MEDICATIONS in full compliance to SPECIFICATIONS, which include: WEIGHT of the MEDICATION; and ambient ENVIRONMENT surrounding the MEDICATION.
  • Exceptional level of SERVICES for authorized CUSTOMERS, supporting: simultaneous dispensing of QUALITY MEDICATIONS to several CUSTOMERS at once; and high rates of dispending selected MEDICATIONS to each of the CUSTOMERS.
  • Efficient utilization of space and energy resources, providing automatic VERTICAL distribution of QUALITY MEDICATIONS: within a single floor PHARMACY; and from a PHARMACY located on one floor to other floors within a multi-floor facility, such as HOSPITALS.


April 15, 2014: ADVS-Technologies Receives New Patent from USPTO 

ADVS-Technologies new Patent No. US 8,695,872 “Apparatus Improving Item Transactions with Real-time Controls and Navigation” describes a real-time control system aimed at increasing shopping efficiency and maintaining item quality.

The invention per customer entered shopping list, will in real-time navigate the customer to complete required transactions within the acceptance  criteria selected by the customer.

The invention in real-time maintains inventory of items within respective specifications, including ambient environment surrounding the items, and the expiration date. Only items in full compliance to specifications are made available for purchase.


November 14, 2013: ADVS-Technologies Issues Latest Press Release Through PRWeb

ADVS-Technologies Files Patent – Apparatus Intelligent Parallel View LED Light, Methods of Configuration and Controls. The patent application covers intelligent ParallelView™ LED illuminated MagicLight™, and describes methods of patented Plug-n-Power™ configuration and controls, providing the most comprehensive, energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions in the World.

By combing patented and patent-pending AC/DC Plug-n-Power™ distribution technologies with patent-pending ParallelView™ LED MagicLight™ series of products, ADVS-technologies delivers a comprehensive solution.

For the first time, a pre-fabricated kit, containing AC/DC Plug-n-Power™ distribution components and Plug-n-Power™ LED MagicLight™ general lighting series of products, can be designed according to a layout of a residential or commercial building. Completely tested kit, with all components in compliance to NEC and local agency requirements, will be delivered directly to the installation site. From that point on, it will only take hours to install the kit.

 The patented Plug-n-Power™ distribution technologies with patent-pending ParallelView™ LED MagicLight™ series of products, delivers the ultimate in both saving energy and beautifying the illumination applications using modern LED lighting devices.


November 11, 2013: ADVS-Technologies Submits Proposal to California Energy Commission

Per “RFI_Green_Building” document issued by the California Energy Commission, ADVS-technologies has submitted a Proposal in respect to RFI areas of interest listed below:

  • Innovative Energy Technologies and Systems. (RFI reference ID “IOc1”)
  • LED Lighting Upgrades, (RFI reference ID “EAc1”)

The California Energy Commission Building while having a beautiful architectural design, is clearly behind many of the modern and cutting edge technologies that can make it the beacon of the green initiative. Lighting, power distribution, monitoring and control are some of the critical areas where my designs can bring not only vastly improved efficiency, reliability, and ease of installation, but enhanced safety and aesthetics as well.

What truly sets ADVS-technologies apart from the competition, is the fact that the proposal is based on engineering knowledge, documented under patented and patent-pending applications, and on-going engineering designs in progress. It is an open-minded, comprehensive engineering approach to solving one of the most critical issues facing our society today and reaching the target objectives, without being under pressure from selling existing inventory of products, and without the necessity to manage significant company overhead.

The combination of patent-pending ParallelView™ LED Intelligent Lighting (MagicLight™ series of products), which is installed using patented Plug-n-Power™ AC/DC Power Distribution and Control Systems, is a truly innovative approach, which will deliver the needed benefits, and more, as described in the proposal.