Illumination enhancing the safety and the beauty of our Environment

LED Intelligent Illumination

The good

LED illumination is replacing inefficient and less user and environmentally friendly illumination sources of the past… Despite tremendous demands, the availability of LED illumination products is sufficient to sustain this environmentally important transition.

The bad

The huge demand to retrofit existing lighting powered by AC power (115VAC in our homes), “caused” the LED industry “reaction” aimed of not missing the “gold rush” and, as result, despite that LED’s are DC rated devices (by their nature…), the market got flooded with LED lights, with each individual light powered through a dedicated AC-DC adapter.

Well, is this the ultimate solution?, or what?

And how about illuminating our street address signs with energy efficient and long lasting LED’s, so that 1st Responders can easily identify their destination during the evening and night hours while trying to help us?

… and the awesome

MagicStreetSign and MagicHouseLight provide an alternative intelligent LED illumination solution that improves the safety of our communities while lowering the energy costs and improving the environment.

Intelligent, really…? but why?

Not too long ago, adding a “brain” to an individual light would be prohibited by the added costs. Thanks to the embedded industry, todays options are great. Yes, you can implement a tiny brain for additional 50 cents and gain in performance, or, instead – add $1 and improve the performance 10 fold!

The intelligent LED  MagicStreetSignand MagicHouseLight products use the IP ParallelViewillumination technology and the IP Plug-n-Power™ DC power distribution technology  – delivering cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly solution to the market (individual users included!), which is superior to other technologies.

The benefits are:

  • Improved community safety
    • illuminated street address and name signs are visible during evening and night hours
    • “brain”: visual status indicator (“warning”) of a condition out of specification
  • Improved reliability, product safety and product longevity
    • DC power required is intrinsically safe vs. unsafe high power 115VAC
    • Installation and sustaining of DC powered only products is safer
    • “brain” self-diagnostics and auto-adjustments to avoid overload
  • User friendly
    • no “blind” effects when looking straight into the light
  • Environmentally friendly
    • “brain”: self-diagnostics, controls per ambient environment
    • “brain”: energy conservation by controlling illumination per ambient light
    • lower EMI: AC power distribution with a stunning number of individual AC-DC adapters is replaced with DC power distribution using a small number of high quality, efficiency, low EMI DC power supplies located in convenient locations for sustaining
  • Reduced installation and sustaining costs
    • individual AC-DC adapter removed
    • installation is simplified
    • the number of sustaining “points” are significantly reduced

Follow the link MagicSign and the link MagicLightto read more about the LED Intelligent Illumination solutions…

Follow the link Plug-n-Power™ to read more about DC plug-n-power distribution systems…

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Best to all, Zack

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