February 17, 2013 – ADVS-technologies Files Patent-pending application No. US 13,731,103: “Plug and Power Distribution and Control Apparatus”

Plug and Power Distribution and Control Apparatus

 Invention describes apparatus providing plug-and-power distribution of power and communications for: residential, commercial, industrial applications, and for electro-mechanical devices and computer systems. Invention transforms existing labor-intense installations into plug-and-power modular systems. For specific project, pre-designed, pre-fabricated kits, including factory assembled and tested: power and control modules, interface cables, will be delivered directly to the installation site. Labor intense operations, including: wire stripping, wire crimping are replaced with plug-and-power components. Apparatus has no exposed hot leads accessible by bare hands, including service personnel. Invention will: significantly lower labor costs, reduce installation time, improve power distribution safety, reliability, utilization efficiency, and quality. Application of shielded cables and shielding of other components within the apparatus, will significantly lower electrical power emissions, benefiting the environment for all – the end users and other technologies. Invention describes plug-and-power DC power distribution replacing existing AC power distribution, further improving safety and efficiency.

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