August 12, 2013 – ADVS-technologies Files Patent-pending application No. US 61,864,879: “Illuminated Building Sign with Configurable Display and Faceplate”

Illuminated Building Sign with Configurable Display and Faceplate

Illuminated sign with configurable display and faceplate. Sign front area illuminated by solid state devices inside the sign. Illuminated areas are configured with pockets along perimeter of illuminated area or magnets installed inside. Sign sheet, such as transparency, matching illuminated area, configured rectangular shape, further configured with tabs to fit into pockets. Faceplate configured with magnets matching magnets of illuminated area. Sign sheet with tabs placed on top of illuminated area with pockets, and tabs are inserted into the pockets holding sheet in place. Faceplate installed on top of sign sheet without tabs and fastens its magnets to matching magnets of illuminated area, holding sign sheet in place. Sign sheet containing symbols embedded onto the sheet are visible under ambient light, and when illuminated by sign are visible at all times. Combination of symbols, art and/or characters, can be also directly attached to the illuminated area by magnets or adhesive.

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